Armin van Buuren Ibiza, Hi Ibiza 07.08.2019

 Hello dears! That was the concert Agmin van Buuren on the island of Ibiza August 7, 2019, in the club Hi Ibiza! The banner unfurled brothers Belarusians! Thanks to them and Hello!I stood near the stage and filmed on the phone – the iPhone 6’s+ 1 hour 25 minutes 4 to 28,71 gb,could not download and upload this video))) it Was super cool! The sound went off scale and hollowed so that I did not wait for the end,left the hall and was already there waiting for the end of the performance of Armin van Buuren.In 2014, my travels and concerts, Armin van Buuren, I have never sought a meeting with the DJ but then a miracle happened,Armin came up after the speech to your fans!:)I immediately laid out the flag on the stage “GOD LOVES MUSIC ARMIN VAN BUUREN” Armin came up, looked at the flag)) and the feeling in his eyes, he realized who was standing on the bottom against him!)))He shook hands with me and I with him and we shook hands and he quickly left.If I could afford to fly TO all his CONCERTS, I WOULD I DID!And RASKRYVAT YOUR THESE BANNERS Armin van Buuren DJ # 1 AND GAVE YOU MAGNETS – Armin van Buuren,photographing You in memory of this momentous day! And vikladivai your photo on your website army of FANS the BEST DJ is the beginning of the 21st century!

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      Embrace ( - Armin Van Buuren feat. Eric Vloeimans

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